Advertise in our newsletters

Our newsletters are a cost-effective channel to advertise your business. Our mailing list is strictly "opt-in" so advertisers can be sure that each subscriber has positively requested to receive our material. Hence each newsletter is read fully and not discarded un-read like most leaflets dropped through letterboxes. We currently publish 7 different newsletters covering Amersham, Beaconsfield, Chalfont St Giles, Chalfont St Peter, Chesham,  Chorleywood and Gerrards Cross. Most are published weekly and more areas will be covered soon.

As emails are rarely deleted nowadays adverts can have a "life" longer than just one week - i.e. "I need a Plumber and remember one advertised in the newsletter a few weeks ago. I'll look it up and give him a ring."

Email newsletters can also easily be forwarded to other parties - i.e. "I don't need a builder myself but Jack next door was looking for one recently. I'll forward this advert to him."

Commercial adverts currently cost £30 each. That's for one advert in one edition of one newsletter.

Advert formats: You can email plain text or you might choose to submit a graphic or PDF as an advert. Please note that the maximum width of a graphic is 630 pixels. We can re-size graphics for you for no charge, but please be aware that small sized text may not be clearly legible if shrunk from a larger graphic. (Proofs can be sent to you prior to publication.) There is no maximum height to an advert (within reasonable limits) but please be note that very tall adverts may require scrolling to be read and hence be less user-friendly.

Email your material to LocalNewsByEmail (at), making it very clear in which newsletter you require the advert to appear.

Comments from recent advertisers:

We have since had a fantastic response to adverts for our Hanging Baskets. I have also found a great deal of community spirit which I would not have discovered if I hadn't subscribed or advertised. This isn't just from the many customers who have responded to my adverts but also from being able to know what is going on in the village bringing a feeling of connection to it.

TJ Ripacandida, Cantosa Farm

I have just started using the newsletters as a way of promoting my garden design practice. Received my first new commission within a few days of the newsletter going out so very impressed with the results so far. Clearly it’s a newsletter that people actually read rather than deleting!

Adam Robinson-Quick

In the space of two weeks, the Wasters Campaign (objecting to a waste transfer station on London Road East) has seen a 35% increase in Facebook activity and 10% in Twitter activity. We certainly see this as a key channel for our campaign. Thank you team - keep up the good work.

Wendy, on behalf of The Wasters

I use the newsletter regularly to advertise promotions in my shop. It has proved to be an effective way of communicating as it is well read by the villagers and always produces good results. It is a very cost effective tool which I highly recommend.

Justin Pannell, Innova Gifts

We recently advertised for a new Finance Controller and received an amazing response within days. We are currently sifting through them all to find the right person, but the great thing is we know they all live locally, so for us, 1 less thing to worry about.

Sally Preston, The Kids Food Co, Old Amersham

I have found the Newsletters invaluable in advertising the Amersham Festival concerts, and this week you have found me a new box office manager! I think the newsletters are a marvellous local service.

Lynda Weiss - Amersham Festival of Music organiser

The newsletter has been fundamental in attracting regular and new audience members to consistently sell out the events. After each newsletter advert is published I see a significant increase in ticket sales and enquiries, more so than when using other localised methods of publicity. The newsletter goes out regularly to so many local residents and thus allows the events to gain the support required to make them financially viable with ease. A brilliantly effective way to advertise.

Paul Jackson - Stand-Up Comedy Night organiser

I recently advertised my work as a French Tutor through the Amersham, Gerrards Cross and Chalfonts Email Newsletters and have been astounded by the results! I have had many new enquiries every week, most of which converted into real customers, and ALL through the various newsletters.

Throughout the years I have used family oriented magazines and local advertising facilities but results proved to be very disappointing, and none has ever prompted such interest and prompt response so I certainly intend to recommend advertising with our local Email Newsletter. It is obviously much read and it reaches out to the surrounding towns and villages. It is a most informative and useful link for the local community.

Marie Dega - French tutor

Just a short note to say how pleased I was to sell my lawn mower through your publication. It had been in the shed for some time and was suggested to me to advertise in the CSG Newsletter. I placed the ad one day and sold it the next, and had three enquiries! In future if I want to sell anything the Chalfont St Giles Newsletter will be my first port of call. Thank you.


The weekly Chalfont St. Giles email has been great for us in selling off some unwanted items by placing two adverts with a number of items and we have sold nearly everything. It is also fantastic to have one easy way to find out about all the local news and is a very valuable resource.

Sue Morrison

I recently advertised in the CSG email newsletter for a job vacancy that needed filling. Within a week I had 8 people phone up expressing interest, 6 of which were perfect for the job. Unfortunately, this did make the decision very hard! Since then, I have employed one of the applicants who is already making a positive mark of our practice. As I wanted someone local, this was a perfect forum to advertise for me.

Many thanks to the people who run and organise this newsletter. Please keep up the good work.

Paul Gibson, Advantage Physiotherapy Ltd.